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xoreos-tools is a loose collection of command line tools to help with the development of xoreos. In addition, they might also have some limited use for modders looking to enhance the original games.

Please note that these are all command line tools, without any GUI whatsoever.

The tools

Currently, the following tools are included:

Tools for handling resource archives

  • unerf: Extract BioWare ERF archives
  • unherf: Extract BioWare HERF archives
  • unrim: Extract BioWare RIM archives
  • unnds: Extract Nintendo DS roms
  • unnsbtx: Extract Nintendo NSBTX textures into TGA images
  • unkeybif: Extract BioWare KEY/BIF archives
  • desmall: Decompress "small" (Nintendo DS LZSS, types 0x00 and 0x10) files

Tools converting basic resource formats into human-readable form (and back)

  • gff2xml: Convert BioWare GFF to XML
  • tlk2xml: Convert BioWare TLK to XML
  • xml2tlk: Convert XML back to BioWare TLK
  • convert2da: Convert BioWare 2DA/GDA to 2DA/CSV
  • fixpremiumgff: Repair BioWare GFF files from encrypted NWN premium module HAKs

Tools converting graphics formats into TGA

  • xoreostex2tga: Convert BioWare's texture formats into TGA
  • nbfs2tga: Convert Nintendo's raw NBFS images into TGA
  • ncgr2tga: Convert Nintendo's NCGR images into TGA
  • cbgt2tga: Convert CBGT images into TGA
  • cdpth2tga: Convert CDPTH depth images into TGA

Tools handling NWScript files

  • ncsdis: Disassemble NWScript bytecode