TLK language IDs and encodings

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Aurora games use numerical language IDs to identify which language a TLK file holds. Unfortunately, those language IDs vary between games, and so does the encoding used for strings in those TLK files. There is no way to autodetect this information, so it has to be provided to tools handling those files, in one way or another.

For the tools tlk2xml and xml2tlk, you can specify this encoding either directly, or by giving the game the TLK is from. Please note that this does not work for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, because its TLK files do not provide a language ID.

Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2, Knights of the Old Republic, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Jade Empire

Language ID Language Encoding
0 English CP-1252
1 French CP-1252
2 German CP-1252
3 Italian CP-1252
4 Spanish CP-1252
5 Polish CP-1250
128 Korean CP-949
129 Chinese (Traditional) CP-950
130 Chinese (Simplified) CP-936
131 Japanese CP-932

The Witcher:

Language ID Language Encoding
0 "Debug" UTF-8
3 English UTF-8
5 Polish UTF-8
10 German UTF-8
11 French UTF-8
12 Spanish UTF-8
13 Italian UTF-8
14 Russian UTF-8
15 Czech UTF-8
16 Hungarian UTF-8
20 Korean UTF-8
21 Chinese (Traditional) UTF-8
22 Chinese (Simplified) UTF-8

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood:

Language ID Language Encoding
- English CP-1252
- French CP-1252
- German CP-1252
- Italian CP-1252
- Spanish CP-1252
- Japanese UTF-8

Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II:

Language ID Language Encoding
0 English UTF-16LE
1 French UTF-16LE
2 Russian UTF-16LE
3 Italian UTF-16LE
4 German UTF-16LE
5 Polish UTF-16LE
6 Spanish UTF-16LE
7 Czech UTF-16LE
8 Hungarian UTF-16LE
9 Korean UTF-16LE
10 Japanese UTF-16LE