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The official xoreos repositories can be found here on GitHub. They are:

Retrieving the code

The main repository is located at


If you are using command line git, the command to get the repository is:

 git clone git://

Refer to github help documentation on where to obtain git client for your OS.

The other repositories can be cloned similarity.

Keeping updated

  • You can browse the Git repositories through HTTP.
  • For every push:


  • Before you write/submit code, you must read about our Code Formatting Conventions. Patches which do not follow them will be rejected or at least delayed until they are cleaned up to comply to them.
  • If you have write access to our repository, you are expected to have read and to comply to the Commit Guidelines.
  • You may also find ScummVM's Git tips page useful.

Repository Statistics

Our commit logs are fed to these freely available statistics tools: